The One Valdisian Pastor – Director’s Cut


The One Valdisian Pastor – Mockumentary

Here’s a project I’ve been involved in in the last week. I had just 96 hours to shoot and edit a mockumentary in an undisclosed location. Here’s the result. Hope you all like it. Enjoy =)

Note: This is the original version of the mockumentary. Due to time constraints the video contains a lot of flaws. I’m currently working on a better edit which will be live ASAP. =).

Full Title: The One Valdisian Pastor Who Died And Resurrected Several Times In A Row And Is Found Thanks To The Thieving Hands Of Unknown Tomb Raiders.


L’Incubo di Ivan [Ivan’s Nightmare] – Short Film

This is a short film I’ve co-written, starred in, been director of photography, edited and produced.

Directed by my close friend Ludovico Desideri.

Hope you guys like it =)


Indiegogo Jumpstart

My friend and school mate Gabriele from @brooksofsheffield jump started the campaign with a beautiful 10$ pledge! Thank you so much. Donate & Share!

Indiegogo Campaign – Falling Faintly And Faintly Falling Movie

So, here it is, my Indiegogo Campaign is Live at:

Shooting will begin in August/September and will last 2 or 3 weeks.
The cast and crew are ready, and I can’t wait to start shooting too!
The movie will be able to come to life only with your help. Unfortunately, the small amount of money I was able to put aside is not nearly enough for the movie to get to the end.
So, that’s why I need Your Help.
Donate, Share, Spread the word. Any way You can help counts.
So, let Me Thank You All in advance for your Help.
Edoardo Spallazzi.

A Special Thank You + Movie Updates

Now that my short “The Family Tree” has been uploaded to Youtube it means production’s over. But I still want to thank all of the people involved in the project. Without their help I wouldn’t have been able to make it happen. So, thank you, for your help, for your unpaid magnificent work (I hope to one day be able to repay you all), and for your support. Thank you.

Here’s the Short’s link in case you missed it. Enjoy =):

Regarding the Movie:

The Script has been ultimated. A title has been chosen. The cast has been cast. And the crew has been chosen. The crowdfunding will begin at the end of the week and will last 60 days.

I’ll post a more detailed update in the next days.

Cheers to all,






The Family Tree – Short Film

My latest short film is up. Go check it out. Hope you guys like it =)