News: Feature Film Pre-Production Begins

I’m really proud to announce that yesterday marked the beginning of my feature film pre-production.
Right now I’m setting up an Indiegogo campaign and I’m taking care of the cast, troupe and locations.
I’ll be posting often updates, eventually also with pictures and videos.
In the mean time I’ll be uploading all my past shorts to Vimeo.
My latest short “The Family Tree”, will premiere on Vimeo next week, so be sure to check it out.
For now,
I wish you all a great week,

Short Film Updates

Shooting and post-production for my short film have been completed. Big projects are up ahead.

The short was eventually shot on a Nikon D800 and edited in Adbo Premiere CS5.5.

Everything went great. The Cast and Troupe were amazing and did a professional and passionate job. I wish to thank them, and everyone involved with the shooting.

Updates will keep coming ASAP.




My new short is almost a week into pre-production with shooting starting most likely on February the 7th and ending on February the 9th. There won’t be many locations involved, so three days should be plenty enough.
The short will be shot either on a Canon 7D or a Nikon D800, depending on the availability of the cameras.

The crew members will be:
Edoardo Spallazzi as Director, Writer, Editor, Producer and Actor
Lorenzo Laudazi as Director of Photography
Ludovico Desideri as Camera Operator
Alessio Mattei as Boom Operator, Sound Engineer
Eleonora Albana as Costume Designer
Veronica De Michele as Scenographer

The cast member will be:
Ugo Fangareggi as Old Man
Edoardo Spallazzi as Courier

New updates will come soon.
In the mean time,
have a great day,


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